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  • General processing times are stated within each listing below the 'Add to cart' button.

  • We offer rush production to help you with sudden gift giving occasions such as births and deaths, for an additional fee. To discuss rush processing, please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

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    Standard delivery: Starts at $11.99 and takes 7-12 days for delivery.
    Priority delivery: Starts at $34.99

    Standard delivery: Starts at $15.50 and takes 4-10 days for delivery. 
    Priority delivery: Starts at $43.99 and takes 4-10 days for delivery.

    Standard delivery: Starts at $15.99 and takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.
    Priority delivery: Starts at  $51.99 and takes 7-10 days for delivery.

    Standard delivery: Starts at 15.99 and takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.


  • Generally, ‘standard’ shipping to Canada, Australia and Western Europe can be tracked up until the package leaves the U.S.A, after which there will be no further tracking until and if, your own countries postal service scans and enters the package into their system.
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    Bracelet Size Guide

    Below are three methods to determine your bracelet size. Use the first method for a 'general' size if you cannot take a wrist measurement. Use the second, 'custom fitted guide' for a more accurate size.  Use the third guide for bracelets with cord.

    'Standard' size guide for chain bracelets.
    (A method to use if you cannot take a wrist measurement).
    6" 6 1/2" 7" 8"
    Very Small Small Medium Large

    'Custom' fitted guide for chain bracelets
    (The best method to use to achieve the perfect fit for your wrist).
    Step 1:

    Wrap a tape measure SNUG all the way around your wrist, positioning it just BELOW your wrist bone, and measure ACCURATELY as possible.

    If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of string to do the above, marking where it begins and ends, and measure that length. (Keep the string SNUG, but do not wrap around the wrist too tight). Double check the measurement note it.

    Step 2:
    • If you'd like a 'very close fit', add 1/4" to your wrist measurement.
    • If you like a 'comfort fit' add to 3/8"-1/2" to your wrist measurement.
    • If you like a 'looser fit' add 3/4" to your wrist measurement.
      (I do not recommend very 'loose fitting' bracelets as the plate will slide under your wrist and be likely to get scratched as it comes in contact with hard surfaces).
    Step 3:

    Select the closest measurement up from the drop down menu when checking out.

    **The success of the fit will depend on you measuring accurately :)

    Measuring guide for cord bracelets
    Step 1:
    • Bring your fingers and thumb together as if you were slipping on a bangle.
    Step 2:
    • Wrap a flexible tape measure around the knuckles/widest circumference of your clenched hand.
    Step 3:
    • Select the cord bracelet size that 'opens up' to allow the circumference measurement of your hand to slide through.

    Arrow Bracelet

    • $87

    An enduring symbol of force, direction, and love, our delicate arrow bracelet will empower you in the most beautiful way.  Hand crafted in our studio using traditional jewelry making techniques. Available in 14k gold filled or sterling silver metal.

    About 14k gold filled metal: Considered far superior to regular 'gold plated' jewelry, 14k gold filled metal is a layer of genuine 14k gold applied via a regulated process, pressure bonding layers of solid 14k gold with extreme heat onto a core of high quality jeweler’s brass.  The result is a product that can last many years with due care. It does not fade or flake off and is hypoallergenic. 

    • Metal: 14k gold filled / Sterling silver.
    • Arrow size: Approx. 3.5cm - 4cm wide.

    Due to the hand made nature of many items, please click on the PRODUCTION link below to check current production time for your item.

    14k gold filled
    Sterling silver
    Production Time

    2 Weeks